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Denmark's Next Fashion Designer

... has footprint data on her designs


Vibe Vibe's clothes are made from innovative production technology

​Rodinia Generation is a Danish-based tech-startup who is changing the way clothes are made by eliminating water in the dyeing & finishing stage while reducing CO2e. Clothes of the 21st century are never overproduced but made on-demand and onshore. Profitable? Our lead time is the fastest yet seen. The future is green and profitable. Get in touch today!

Testimony of front runners


From the very beginning, ISNURH has made their designs using Rodinia's Copenhagen-based microfactory technology. This way, saving our planet for long-distance transportation, CO2e and water pollution. Their vivid and original artworks are made with biodegradable GOTS and Oeko-tex std 100 certified colors.


“The more Rodinia will develop their production we will follow in the same direction because we see that many begin to bring production closer to home, due to the fact that it is really hard to stay on top of what is going on at a factory in China or India- if one had a ‘backyard production’ it may be more expensive but there will be less mistakes as well (…).

– Sunniva & Stephan, owners


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